For more than 25 years, the Opus Company has held a leading position in the finishing materials market.

Today, we carry the widest selection of premier wall coverings from leading suppliers from around the world.

Our assortment includes more than 200 exclusive stock and custom-made collections in a variety of styles, textures and compositions.

Here you can find original collections from world-famous designers, the unique and natural Lincrusta wall covering, wallpaper made from silk panels and natural fiber, textiles, rice paper, a number of children’s collections, panoramic wallpapers, wallpaper for public buildings (hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.) with fire safety certificates rated to Russian, American and European standards, and much more.

We have exclusive representation for such brands as Aura, York, Lincrusta, Arthouse, Graham & Brown, Paper Partnership, Melange Series, Sangiorgio, Arlin, Isidore Leroy, Marburg, Santorus, and Jannelli Volpi.

We continuously work to expand our range to better serve both partners and customers.

We aren’t afraid to experiment and are always progressing, growing together with our clients. Throughout the year, our employees travel the world, attending all the key professional exhibitions in the search for new partners, trends and ideas. Over the years, we have visited more than 30 countries and around 200 exhibitions. We strive to keep with the times and follow the latest trends in the world of design. Visiting our manufacturer factories has become standard for us. We want to guarantee the quality of our products and be sure that we are choosing the best for our clients. Product quality, exclusive design, sustainability and timely delivery are paramount for us when choosing suppliers. The Opus Company is team of professionals who are always tuned into the latest trends in interior design, which allows them to offer you the very best.


Новинка от Aura Signature - La Tapicera

Представляем вашему вниманию уникальную дизайнерскую коллекцию в линейке Aura Signature - La Tapicera


Новинка от Graham&Brown Explorer

Представляем экзотическую коллекцию от Graham & Brown.