The celebration of the anniversary OPUS!


Dear partners!Thank You for your attention at our friendly party on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company this year, and we want to once again with you to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday! For us, your participation and the desire to share with us such a joyful moment once again proves that we are a big happy family, and together we are confidently moving towards new goals and achievements! We Express our gratitude to our foreign partners with whom the Opus company cooperates all these years and we together create and offer the market new and interesting products! We very much hope that new customers and partners will show brilliant results in the future and the next time we will meet even in a larger composition. We are moving into the future with optimism and good mood!Thank you!

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Arlin учитывает модную сегодня тенденцию возвращения к историческим корням и стремится воплотить ее в своих коллекциях текстильных и флизелиновых обоев.


AURA Simply Silks!

Название коллекции переводится как «просто шелк».